The Pitch


PSI-GREEN.NET solves problems. That is all we do. We use intelligence and experience to fix what needs to be fixed and provide solutions that work, and work well.


PSI-GREEN.NET is owned and operated by Ryan Quinn who is a 17 year veteran of the technology industry.

Currently, Ryan works as a Senior Systems Engineer for a non-profit where he manages their community supercomputer as well as the internal heterogeneous network. Over the course of his career, Ryan has worked at all levels of the operations stack. He's started out as a systems technician with the school district, where he lived at the time. From there, he spent time on a helpdesk helping remote store employees, he was part of a consulting startup, worked in a large datacenter for a multinational corporation, served as the IT Operations Manager for an environmental consulting firm, and spent time with a SaaS company as a System Administrator with some small development duties.

Throughout his career, Ryan has kept problem and customer focused attitude. He fixes the problem rather then trying to push a solution, and he makes sure the solution works for the customer.

Ryan earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Oklahoma State University (OSU), and he can be found wearing orange on Fridays or game days. He is also a former Marine Reserve who was deployed to Iraq as part of OIF IV.